V6-20 – British muscle in a compact package


The V6-20 answers the need for classic British tone, at sensible volumes, with the option to switch between a softer, bluesy ’60s’ sound, to a harder edged, ’70s’ sound using the ‘Rock and Blues’ switch. This switch reconfigures the preamp from JTM45 to JMP50, so you can have the best of both worlds. The preamp uses 3 ECC83s, and a pair of 6V6s at 20 Watts give the power stage it’s voice. There is a single input with a bright and normal gains which you can balance for the ideal amount of thump and bite, and a master volume, as well as a standard 3 band EQ and presence. NEW! Now available as the L6-40, which is the same amp but with uprated transformers and fitted with a pair of 6L6 valves for 40 Watts output.

Main features
Output: 20 Watts (L6-40 – 40 Watts)
All valve: Yes
Valves: 3 ECC83s and 2 6V6s (L6-40 – 2 6L6s)
Controls: Bright and normal gains, volume, 3-band EQ, presence

Size: 53cm (w) x 21cm (d) x 23cm (h)

Power Scaling, effects loop, half power switch, dual foot-switchable master volumes, single mode Rock or Blues, Roqsolid cover

Head: £1020 | 1×12 Combo: £1180 | L6-40 Head: £1135

What our customers say

First off, I'd just like to extend my thanks once again for all your help ensuring that my V6-20 is 100% suitable to my requirements....Secondly, I'd like to congratulate you on making a great amp even better. You should seriously consider adding an L6-40 to your range because the one I have is easily the best amp I've ever played through, even the Matchless Chieftain I plugged into once over ten years ago which has been the yardstick by which all other amps have been measured ever since. Congratulations again, you have surpassed Matchless!
The overdrive is truly world beating. I will never buy an overdrive pedal again in my life because I don't believe that there's a pedal out there that comes within a light year of what this amp can do. It's so responsive to the touch and to the guitar's volume control that a million different shades of overdrive can be achieved, all of which are infinitely usable......I've been trying for the last ten minutes but cannot find the words that would do justice to the overdrive this amp produces. It is simply the best I've ever heard.
P.G., Huddersfield
Hey Martin, just thought I'd let you know I have managed to play with the amp for a couple of hours-it is absolutely amazing!!!! The thing that gets me is the clean on it, its just WOW!!! I am loving the rock mode with treble, mid, and both volumes maxed and presence at 9-using the volume to clean it all up!
More fun tomorrow!
L.K., Gloucester

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