Twin – twice the fun


The MJW Twin is a two-channel preamp, mated to the Goldstar, Roadstar or Electra power amps, giving you a choice of 10, 18, 30 or 50 Watts. Each channel has it's own 3-band EQ, so it can be set up optimally. The clean channel is based on the classic 'Blackface' circuit, so it has the chime and clean headroom that those amps are famous for, but will still crunch up at the top end for snarling country and blues.

The overdrive channel has 4 gain stages, and takes over where the clean left off, going through a classic 70s crunch, all the way up to a full-bodied rock roar with plenty of sustain and harmonics.

All-in-all, this is an ideal package for the pub/club guitarist who wants the flexibility of another channel, in a light and compact amp.

Main features
Output: 10-50 Watts
All valve: Yes
Valves: 3 ECC83s and either 1 6L6 (Goldstar Twin), 2 6V6s (Roadstar Twin) or 2 6L6s (Electra Twin)
Controls: (Clean) Volume, 3-Band EQ (Overdrive) Gain, volume, 3-band EQ

Size: 53cm (w) x 21cm (d) x 24-26cm (h)

Power Scaling, Effects loop, digital reverb, valve/spring reverb, Roqsolid cover

Goldstar Twin Head: £935 | Roadstar Twin Head: £1095 | ElectraTwin 30W Head: £1285 | Electra Twin 50W Head: £1430

What our customers say

Just to let you know the Goldstar Twin arrived this morning and is sounding magnificent! Thank you for all your efforts on this; it certainly sounds as good as it looks. ... if this morning is anything to go by then I really couldn't have asked for anything more.
R.H., Telford
Gig last night was great. I don't like using Americanism's but there's only one word to describe the amp - Awesome!!!
Even the other guitarist was green with envy- and this is the guy who has always shunned valve amps in favour of processors. So you never know, you might be getting an order for another one soon!
A.H., Derbyshire
The amp is great, the natural distortion is perfect I need to use an overdrive now only as a boost for soloing……. The power scaling helped me to keep the tone while reducing the volume for our gig, which went very well. I am still learning to play it, it is like having another instrument. It seems extremely responsive to touch and to the tone controls on my guitars, much more than other amps I have had. It will definitely help me be a better guitarist. You have done a superb job, if I ever need another amp or if any of my friends need a new amp you will be first on the list!
P.G., Manchester

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