Taranis – Bringer of Thunder


The Taranis bass amp generates 200 Watts of clean output power via 4 x KT88 valves, and over 380 Watts at full clipping. There's a choice of bass preamps:
The first has a Baxandall/James tone stack and a 4-way voice switch, with treble and bass controls. The sound of this channel is best described as early Orange/Matamp with a touch of Ampeg. The other available channel has moderate gain, going from clean to distorted; a Fender/Marshall sounding channel with treble, middle and bass controls.
Or if you like the idea of both of these channels, you can have a foot-switched 2-channel version built with both of them onboard.

For smaller stages, or studio use, the Taranis has half and quarter power switching via 2/4 output valve switch and low voltage switch to complement the global master volume. Other features especially useful for bassists are a variable-level balanced DI out, 4 and 8 ohm speakon outputs and passive and active inputs.

It's not just for bass players either. We can build you a guitar version of this amp, with a preamp of choice, for when only 200 Watts is enough!

Main features
Output: 200 watts
All valve: Yes
Valves: 4 ECC83s and 4 KT88s
Controls: Gain, 2/3-band EQ, volume, presence, power reduction switching, voice, DI out

Size: 52cm (w) x 35cm (d) x 28cm (h)
Choice of preamps, 2-channel version, guitar version, effects loop, dual master volumes, Roqsolid cover

Head: £2090

What our customers say

I spent three hours with the amp today just getting to know it better and exploring some more of the subtleties as I'd really just used a couple of Ch2 sounds earlier in the week. The range of really good useable sounds is mindblowing as there's so many in there. I find with lots of amps that they have a couple of sounds that are fantastic and everything else is OK but the Taranis seems limitless in its capability and the 2/4 valve switch and half power settings introduce a very different flavour even when adjusted to the same SPL.
Ch2, two valves, half power, full gain, full master is absolute fuzzy filth and better than any pedal I've heard, more organic. The voicings are really useable too, far right is nice and thin and with a single coil it cuts through, far left is all richness and if you roll off the treble and max the bass with the tone on the instrument rolled off it's a pure dub machine. The in between settings work well as step changes and I can see the two middle settings being useful in a big band with horns where the bass needs to cut through more.
I think as a product, a single channel Taranis with Ch1 makes a lot of sense and is very versatile. Adding Ch2 is like having a versatile boutiquey valve pre-amp/distortion box built in and it sounds exactly as I wanted it to.
S.N., Cheltenham

Demo video to come!

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