Speaker cabinets

Speaker cabinets


We can supply matching speaker cabinets for your amp head in various formats, including 1×12, 2×10, 2×12(horizontal), 2×12 (diagonal) and 4×10. All our cabinets are hand-made here at MJW using high quality Baltic birch ply, steel jack plates and side handles (when fitted) and there is an enormous range of covering materials and grill cloths available. The size of each cab design has been chosen for optimum acoustic performance, and they complement MJW Amps perfectly.

The Horizontal 2×12 cab is a ported-back designed to offer the benefits of both open and closed-back configurations, and it has an amazing amount of bass and spread for such a compact cabinet. The other cabs are open-backed as standard as we prefer that with our amps, but closed-back or ‘flexi-back’ (with removable sections) are a custom option.

As  standard, our cabinets are fitted with any of the Celestion ‘Classic’ Series ceramic speakers, such as the G12M Greenback or Creamback, G12H Anniversary and so on. The new Celestion Neo Creamback speakers are another option where weight is an issue, and these can be chosen at no extra cost.
The standard 10″ speaker we use is the Celestion G10 Greenback.
Any other speaker can be supplied on request, with an adjustment to the price if necessary.

MJW speaker cabs are 16 Ohms (unless requested otherwise) and supplied with 2 parallel speaker jacks to maximise connectivity for amps with 8 and 16 ohm outputs.

Main features
Carcass Material: Baltic birch ply
Thickness: 15 or 18mm
Baffle and rear panel: 12mm
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Input jacks: 2 parallel

1×12/2×10: 60cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 45cm(h)
Horizontal 2×12: 71cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 45cm(h)
Diagonal 2×12: 61cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 64cm(h)
4×10: 61cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 61cm(h)

Alternative drivers, lightweight cab with 12mm ply, casters, side bar handles, Roqsolid covers

1X12: £350 | 2X10: £410

Horizontal 2X12: £480 | Diagonal 2X12: £520

4X10: £620

What our customers say

I have now had time to road test and studio test the 2 x12 cab you built for me.
The custom specifications were exactly to my requirement and the quality of the finish excellent, the cabinet work, application of the vinyl, and wiring are excellent and clearly show considerable care and attention has been put into the build of this cab.
I initially tested the cab out in the studio and was shocked by the clarity, smoothness and low end punch this cab delivers. Against my well used standard (Marshall) 4 x 12 it delivered more bottom end, less fizz and a much smoother top end.
When used live the same characteristics are found, the main noticeable difference being the throw of sound and defined low end – This was noticed by both me and our sound engineer. It has done more for my sound than all the modifications done on my DSL head put together.
A.W., Devon
I just wanted to say what a superb job you have done making the cab. It's everything I hoped it would be and more. I'm very pleased with it and would be happy to recommend your services to anyone.
M.R., Wantage
I have to say I am very impressed with the cab. It's so small and light, yet with such grunt - at least 500% better than my other 2x12. What a great design. Thanks again for making me such a great amp (at such a good price !!)
A.B., Hampshire
Cab arrived. Cool job, any other amp or cab I get will be coming from you. Brilliant job man, well done.
M.D., Ireland