Roadstar – classic EL84 tone


Available in both 18 and 36 Watt versions, the Roadstar is powered by EL84s, in push-pull class AB, plus 3 ECC83s. This output stage is the choice of players seeking something a bit special, with chimey cleans and a full bodied roar when cranked. At 18 Watts, this amp produces enough volume for small gigs, and when cranked gives natural power stage distortion at sensible volume. The 36 Watt version is more than capable of driving a full stack and filling large venues, and provides more headroom for cleaner sounds. The ultra pure signal path comprises only volume and tone controls for maximum tone, and the variable gain boost is now standard. Like all MJW amps, the Roadstar uses the highest quality components, including British-made transformers.

Main features
Output: 18 or 36 watts
All valve: Yes
Valves: 3 ECC83s and 2 or 4 EL84s
Controls: Gain, tone, volume, boost on/off and boost level, 'Fat' switch

Size: 53cm (w) x 21cm (d) x 23cm (h)

Power Scaling, effects loop, digital reverb, valve/spring reverb, foot-switchable boost, no boost, Roqsolid cover

Head: £875 (18W) £1095 (36W) | Combo: £1010 (18W) £1250 (36W)

What our customers say

Amp received in great shape. After several hours of playing it at all volumes, here’s the report: really really good! It’s evident that this amp has been designed as a whole and each control is intended to work differently as the others vary. Lots of shades of distortion in Marshall salsa…with a hint of Vox… Last but not least, very low noise, and I like Stratocaster and this is very important to me. If your wiring is classy, consider that you are even better at designing and listening.
So, thanks for an amp which is a work of art, and for the patience with me.
F.C., Italy
Amp arrived about an hour ago – very impressed indeed! For starters the
pics you sent me don’t even begin to do justice to how amazing it looks!
I’m very impressed with how it sounds too…….
Thanks for all you work – it been a pleasure dealing with you. I’ll definitely be buying from you again …
K.M., Glasgow
Amp arrived on Wednesday as promised, it looks fantastic and beautifully finished I thought!
I took it to a studio today to give it a good blast and it rocks! And so loud for 18 watts. I’m very, very pleased with it, thank you! Will spread the word
J.S., Sunbury
The amp arrived fine and looks stunning in the flesh (tolex?!).
But have no fear, it will see the light of day soon and will be used for the upcoming album and the festivals this summer.
Many thanks for all you hard work, it looks and sounds great.
I.S., London
The Roadstar TT is still sounding amazing (as expected!) and wowed several tone enthusiasts yesterday morning with my Nocaster…
A.D., Sheffield
The amp arrived safe and sound at lunch. All I can say is this amp is great! Played it all afternoon and I cant wait to gig and record with it. Thank you so much.
S.P., London
After a very long time, this evening I have finally been able to test drive the amp for the first time. Wow. Absolutely stunning. Initially quite taken aback by how incredibly quiet it is when plugged in. But boy does it sound good, both clean and driven. Particularly when driven. Love it. Thank you so much.
M.F., Gerrards Cross

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