Orion – Three Decades of Rock History in one amp


The Orion is a twin channel amp with a foot-switchable gain boost on the overdrive channel. Giving sumptuous, complex clean tones on one channel, this highly versatile amp also delivers classic, roaring raunch on it's second. If that's not enough, the variable gain boost can be switched in for a third option, giving you access to a useful sound for leads or heavy rock rhythm tones.

The Orion is available with a choice of power stages, the most popular being 4 x KT66 in cathode bias (45 Watts), chosen to provide a warm, balanced clean tone at all volumes, and that unique rich crunch when driven hard. EL34's can be specified, if preferred, and the amp can be built with fixed bias for 100 Watts power output.
Now fitted as standard a buffered, bypassable effects loop allows the insertion of time-based effects at the ideal point in the signal chain. The half power switch and master volume give you full control, so that this amp performs well at lower levels, and is very satisfying to play at any volume.

Main features
Output: 45 watts or 100 Watts
All valve: Yes
Valves: 5 ECC83s and 4 KT66s or EL34s
Controls: Clean - volume, treble, bass. Overdrive - gain, volume, 3-band EQ, boost level. Global - presence, master volume, half-power switch

Size: 70cm (w) x 24cm (d) x 23cm (h)

Power Scaling, digital reverb, valve/spring reverb, dual master volumes, alternative power stages and preamp channels, Roqsolid cover

Head: £1630

What our customers say

The Orion is really superb and I am absolutely delighted with it. It satisfies all my requirements and some!
All that have seen and heard it are blown away by the build quality and sound!
G.W., Hampshire
Just a note to you to say thank you very much for the amp and the service! I love the amp it is fantastic, looks great sounds incredible………..I’m still amazed by the amount of bass the cab has!
Great to finally meet you and I hope (cash allowing) I’ll be back and for something a bit different next time.
M.W., Nottingham
I have had the amp for a week now and had a good opportunity to play it, and I've got to say its great.
The Orion reminds me of the old Marshalls I used to play, JMP's JTM's Old JCM's, but I can dial the sound in at any volume and don't need to crank it to get the tone.
The clean channel is just perfect for me as I can get that just break up sound that I love, but easily clean it up with the guitar volume, the overdrive channel feels like an extension of the clean channel with a similar voice but just more grind, this is important to me as I have played two channel amps in the past where the two channels feel completely disconnected. For this reason I have often favoured single channel amps, but with the Orion I really like the way they play together.
In short The Orion has tone for days! Love it.
M.W., Devon

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