Electra – tone: pure and simple


The MJW Electra is designed to fill the requirement for a simple, medium sized gigging amp based on the classic British and American sounds. The amp can be specified in 2 versions, 'Twang' and 'Grind'. Twang is based on the classic American sound of the 60's, and uses a pair of 6L6 output valves, with a preamp designed optimised for clean to light-crunch chime and sparkle. The Grind version by contrast uses a pair of EL34's for a muscular British sound. The clean sound is a little more mid-focussed, and the overdrives go from open and ringing to a tight roar.

Both variations have a simple single input, gain control, a full treble/middle/bass tone stack, master volume and presence, and both can be specified in either 30 Watts or 50 Watts power output. Other features are available, but plug-and-play simplicity is the overriding drive on this model.

Main features
Output: 30 Watts or 50 Watts
All valve: Yes
Valves: 3 ECC83s and either 2 EL34s (Grind) or 2 6L6s (Twang)
Controls: Gain, 3 band EQ, volume, presence
Power Scaling, effects loop, half power switch, switchable and adjustable gain boost, digital reverb, valve/spring reverb, Roqsolid cover

Size: 53cm (w) x 21cm (d) x 24cm (h)

30 Watt Head: £1210 | 50 Watt Head: £1355

What our customers say

Just to let you know I am getting on with the Electra more and more as I have had another go with it today. The SG sounds amazing through it... I am so glad I waited, as it is the best amp and setup I have had, suits me great as I don't need or want a distortion/od pedal to get my rock tones, I can just do it from the amp and EQ itself. Anyway, thanks for the super service and amp. No doubt I'll be back again.
J.R., Doncaster
The boxes turned up this evening, and I am happy to report it is in perfect condition! I had a quick blast before and a little play with the settings but it seems to sound absolutely outstanding whatever I do! I really can't thank you enough for the care and attention to detail that's been put into this amp, really excellent work! thanks for the settings sheet you provided also it'll get me started 🙂 I really love the purple light too, I'm really happy 🙂
S.A., Durham
I just wanted to say thank you again, not just for the personal delivery and the tutorial, or for all your help and patience in guiding me through the design and ordering stages of the process, but for building my perfect dream amp! I've only had my Electra Grind for 48 hours and already I'm completely in love with it; it's without question the best amp I've ever played - perhaps most of all because it doesn't even feel like I'm having to 'play' the amp, it just feels like I'm playing the guitar and the amp does exactly what it should do and sounds exactly as it should sound without me having to fuss about it. Not only that, but as well as being the best sounding amp I've ever used, it's also the best looking - your finish quality is exemplary, and speaks to an equally high standard of craftsmanship inside, where it really counts.
S.G., Bicester
Received the amp this morning , it sounds incredible and looks amazing. Easily one of the best amps I have ever played. Many thanks for all your hard work.
L.T., Tredegar

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