Custom – The Sky's The Limit


All MJW amps and cabs are custom built to your requirements of course, but if you want something different to the core range beyond the options list, we have the facility to do that too. From modified versions of the standard amps, through entirely unique one-off creations, to faithful replicas of classic vintage amps, most things are possible.
Some examples of custom amps and cabs we've built are:

  • Boogie Mark I in 2x12 combo
  • Roadstar 36 with WEM Mk III preamp and spring reverb in 1x15 combo
  • Roadstar 18 with Lightning preamp in 2x10 combo
  • Roadstar 18 and 36 with an EF86 driven preamp
  • Goldstar in a Bantam-size chassis
  • Goldstar power amp
  • Princeton Reverb head (Twang King)
  • Vibro-Champ with spring reverb
  • Alternative output valves, such as the Roadstar with 6V6s
  • Switchable output valves, such as Electra with 6L6s and EL90s
  • Oversize speaker cabinets such as the 'Fat Bottom' closed-back 2x12
  • Split 4x10 - 2 speakers closed-back, 2 open-backed
  • Lightweight cabinets using 12mm birch ply and neodymium speakers
  • High gain and ultra-high gain preamps
  • All-valve effects loops
  • Alternative voicings

Custom Pricing On Request

What our customers say

I'm loving the amp and it did me proud on tour. 35 gigs in a row and not the slightest hint of a problem! The cab is wonderful too, I had them both flight-cased, so they're gonna stay in good nick.
A.E., Oxford
Once again, many thanks for your time and attention. Should the need arise I'll have no hesitation contacting you, and I'll happily recommend your services to fellow players.
P.S., Manchester
The amp arrived yesterday. It was packed very well, so everything is fine. I am very happy I made the purchase. I realize now that I've wasted a lot of money on the Fender Blues Junior, that Fender Mustang digital amp, Roland Cube, Blackstar HT-1, Laney LC-15. I was too cheap to pay much for an amp, and I should have ordered this one years ago. The Vibro-Champ Reverb you built is way better than each one of those.
Also, I am going to write a review on the biggest German discussion board for music gear. I don't know if it will increase your sales, but you deserve some fame.
D.H., Germany