Cub – small amp with big amp sound


The Cub produces approximately 1 Watt, to allow true valve output stage crunch at practise and recording volumes. Like the bigger Roadstars, it has a very simple signal path, with just Gain, Tone and Volume controls, to allow the maximum response to your guitars input. The Cub is all valve, using 2 ECC83s and 1 ECC82, and it is fully hand made using true point-to-point construction. Tonally, it produces a range of sparkly, chimey "not quite" cleans, up to an authentic classic rock crunch, and has a switchable boost for higher gain sounds, with a big amp sound helped by it's push-pull output stage.

Main features
Output: 1 watt
All valve: Yes
Valves: 2 ECC83s and 1 ECC82
Controls: Gain, tone, volume, boost

Size: 28cm (w) x 21cm (d) x 16cm (h)

Power Scaling, Roqsolid cover

Head: £580 | 1×10 Combo: £725

What our customers say

The amp arrived about an hour ago and I’m over the moon with it, definitely worth the wait. Will definitely recommend you to anyone I hear wanting something special rather than the hum drum run of the mill music shop stuff.
Thanks again for the brilliant job you have done in building my amp, will be in touch in the next few months about a matching cabinet for it.
Wonderful sounding amp hand-built by a valve amp guru - excellent!
D.F., Huddersfield
Cheers for the excellent work again - if you need a recommendation anytime let me know.
M.S., Ellesmere Port

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